Working in Canada

Canada is actively seeking foreign workers and professionals to further strengthen its national workforce. Whether you are looking for a permanent or temporary job, or are an employer willing to hire professional workers overseas, you will find below reliable information that will help you to realize your projects.

In order to work in Canada, the foreign worker will need a work permit from the Canadian government. However, there are many circumstances where you may be able to work in Canada without a work permit. Finally, there are many other ways to work in Canada without going through the traditional work permit process, such as a work permit work-holiday visa, post-diploma work permit or work permit issued under NAFTA.


What professional solution will be able to meet your needs in Canada?

  • I already have a job or job in Canada

If you have a job offer from a Canadian employer and we do not know what to do next, check out our work permit services to get an overview of what you need to do to be licensed working in Canada. We would be happy to offer you our services to accompany you in your steps from beginning to end. Contact us to discuss the details of your job offer to see how we can help you acquire a Canadian work permit.

  • I am a Canadian employer seeking to hire a foreign worker

If you are a Canadian employer looking to hire a foreign worker, we would be pleased to advise you on the steps you should take to bring a foreign worker to Canada. Our team of work permit specialists will discuss with you your needs, the type of worker you are considering and the options you have to hire this worker in Canada. Depending on your needs, you may need an Impact Study on the Labor Market (EIMT). On the other hand, we can also guide you through the programs that make it possible to be exempted, such as the transfer within a society. To see what options are available to you, contact us today and let us know what your business needs are.

  • I am a student in Canada and have just graduated from a Canadian school

Depending on the time you have spent studying in Canada, you may be eligible for a post-degree work permit to work in Canada. This program is an excellent opportunity for you to gain a Canadian experience, especially if you are applying for the Canadian Experience Class or the Quebec Experience Program. Complete our free evaluation of Canadian immigration and make sure to tell us your education in Canada.

  • I want to work in Canada as an entrepreneur

In addition to entrepreneur work permits, make sure you discover the Visa program for startup business if you have management or business experience. We invite you to explore our page on international business start-ups in Canada to learn more about transfer permits within a company or how to establish a company in Canada.

  • I want to work in Canada as a self-employed person

There are several programs that allow self -employed workers to work in Canada under certain conditions. If you want to work in Canada as a self-employed worker, the process can be complicated. However, we will be happy to evaluate your qualifications to work in Canada. Contact us to learn more about your options.

  • I am American or Mexican citizen

Canada has a special relationship with the United States and Mexico that allows some people to work in Canada. The NAFTA nevertheless has its own categories of professionals, conditions for transfers within a company, permits for traders and investors which allows diverting the procedure of classical work permit. Contact us and make sure to tell us that you are a US citizen or a Mexican citizen.

  • I have a job offer in the province of Quebec

The province of Quebec has its own criteria for working in Quebec. To get started, you need to get what is called a QAC, a necessary step in the process. You should also know that Quebec has its own list of occupations that allows simplified processing of the Labor Market Impact Study. We are specialists in work permits and know the specificities that apply in Quebec. In order to benefit from our experience, contact us and make sure to tell us that you have a job offer in the province of Quebec.

Types of Canadian Work Permits

There are six types of work permits.

  • Standard Work Permit
  • EIMT Exemptions
  • NAFTA Work Permits
  • International Experience Canada
  • People transferred to a company
  • Post-graduate work permit



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