Students Options for Canada

Canada government give 15,000 visas to worldwide international students per year. The Canadian government has developed a world-leading education system in the world, which leads the entire world education system. Canadian government encourage foreign national students to cam and get the education here because of the bring different ideas with them and also bring different culture which very good for the people of Canada and country economy. It also develops the workforce which is required by the country for its fast growth. How to apply for the study permit to study in Canada Plz read below to get fully updated information.

Canada Students Permits

The first step to getting student permit in Canada is to get admission I Canadian institution, enroll in the institution. After getting the admission in the institution the foreign student who wishes to apply for a visa for Canada can apply for a visa in the visa office in their home country.

The overseas student who applies in the Canadian institution and gets admission in the desired subject receives the acceptance letter from the institute can apply for a visa of Canada. You must have acceptance letter of the institution before applying for the visa if you don’t have the acceptance letter you cannot apply it is very important. If you want to study in Canada and plan to apply for the program, there are also other requirements which have to must full fill before applying which are as follows.

  • You must have to give criminal recording clearance certificate.
  • You have to give medical certificate it is must require for Appling.
  • You have to show financial resource from which you pay your tuition fee and living expenses. and also for your family which is going with you.
  • You have to give an interview to visa officer to get a visa and in an interview, you have to convince the officer that you leave Canada after the education is completed.

Work While You Study In Canada

In 2017 according to new visa regulation, you can work while you are studying. You can on campus for 20 hours per week. If you want to work outside campus you have to get permission from the immigration office. It is illegal to work outside campus without the permission of immigration od if caught the person would send their home country.


Post-Graduation Work Permit For Canada

If you have completed your education from a post-secondary institution and want to get admission in the post-graduate program to get a post-graduate work permit. This program allows the graduate student to work for three years. You don’t need any job offer letter for this program. After this, the applicant then applies for permit immigration in Canadian Experience class program (CEC).

Health Insurance

There is no health insurance of foreign students from the Canadian government. The Canadian government does not pay any money in insurance of the applicant. We suggest that you contact the college for more information on insurance process.

Spouses and Family

You can bring your spouse and dependent children with you when you are studying in Canada but all the expenses would be paid by you. Your spouse will get a work permit to do the job in Canada. This permit allows your Panther to work in Canada.

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