Self-employment programs Canada

The Government of Canada, as well as the Government of the Province of Quebec, provide immigration programs for the self-employed in certain industries.

·         The Federal Self-Employed Program

This program is for people who have experience as self-employed in agriculture, athletics (internationally), or artistic and cultural.

To qualify as a self-employed person, a candidate must have relevant experience and must demonstrate the intent and ability to contribute significantly to economic activities in Canada.

The experience must be a minimum of two years as a self-employed worker or have participated internationally in artistic, cultural, sporting or recreational activities as indicated by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (below).

Applicants wishing to purchase a farm must have at least two years of farm management experience.

Applicants are also assessed on the basis of their education, their experience of operating a business, their age, their English and French language skills, and their adaptability.

The province of Quebec has its own business immigration program for the self-employed.

·         The Quebec Self-Employed Program

The Quebec Self-Employment Program has been designed to allow eligible individuals to obtain an Immigration Visa (permanent residence) on the condition that they are able to establish themselves satisfactorily that they do business on their on the account.


criteria Required conditions
Established establishment Quebec
Job To come to Québec to create your own employment by the exercise, on your account, of a profession or a trade.
Work experience Have acquired a  minimum of two years experience in the profession or trade that is intended to be exercised once established in the province of Québec.
Various Satisfy medical examinations and security checks.

immigration process to Canada.

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