Provincial Nominees

Provincial Nominee Program Canada(PNP)

The individual provinces in Canada select the immigrants base upon their requirements is called Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has an agreement with individual Provincial Governments through which these Provincial Nominee Program are been run. The applicants which are nominated by individual province their immigration application process very fast. If the applicant wants to go in the specific province can apply through Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

For applying in this program for Canada immigration this process very fast and simple for the applicant. The applicant with help of Immigration consultant put their application in provincial nominee program. The program of each province has its own criteria but immigration process is the same. First, you have to get provincial nominee Certificate from the province in which you want to go. Then after having the certificate you have to put immigration application to the central government agency for immigration or to (CIC).

Applying for a Provincial Nominee Program

The Applying for Provincial Nominee Program number wise following steps should be taken which are as follow.

  1. The first step to put an application in Provincial Nominee program in the office of this program.
  2. The officer in the office would check all the document’s that you are giving to make sure that you are qualifying for this program. In many cases, you have to give an interview in the respected office. If the interview is not conducted its means that you met all the requirements and not need any interview. Provincial Nomination Certificate then would be sent to your postal address which you have given.
  3. if officer required additional information they would call you for an interview before giving you any certificate.
  4. When you receive the Provincial Nomination Certificate then next step is to apply to federal Government agency of immigration (CIC). The expiry date on the certificate is mention so the application must have been but before the expiry date. All the documents must have been attached with the application then put the application.
  5. Your application is then transferred to Canada immigration visa Office in your country for which you have applied for immigration. Then you have told to do medical examination which is required for the immigration. The officer could want any additional information and document’s you should have to give. Then you have to pay a fee for permanent residence for Canada.
  6. There is a specific period of time to enter in Canada with family when you get permanent residency of Canada.

Provincial Nominee Program – Information On All Immigration Programs

There is a list of provincial nominee programs as follow. For more information about each program click on each program which is listed below, to see which program is the best fit for you and your family.

  1. Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) Alberta
  2. Provincial Nominee Program(PNP) British Columbia
  3. Provincial Nominee Program(PNP) Manitoba
  4. Provincial Nominee Program(PNP) New Brunswick
  5. Provincial Nominee Program(PNP) Newfoundland
  6. Provincial Nominee Program(PNP) Nova Scotia
  7. Provincial Nominee Program(PNP) Northwest Territories
  8. Provincial Nominee Program(PNP) Ontario
  9. Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) Prince Edward Island
  10. Provincial Nominee Program(PNP) Saskatchewan
  11. Provincial Nominee Program(PNP) Yukon
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