Alberta – Canada’s beautiful west

Alberta is named after Louise Caroline Alberta, Duchess of Argyll, the fourth daughter of Queen Victoria.
The westernmost prairie province is characterized by lush nature in the prairie and the Rocky Mountains. However, the province also has significant environmental pollution due to the exploitation of oil deposits in the Athabasca oil sands. The province has the second largest oil reserves in the world, which makes the province very rich. Other economic factors are cereal farming and cattle breeding.

An important industry is also tourism. Millions of tourists visit the cities of Edmonton and Calgary, as well as Banff, Jasper and the Rocky Mountains. In Calgary, the Calgary Stampede, the largest rodeo show in the world, takes place annually in July. Together with the agricultural fair and 1.5 million visitors, it is the largest open-air fair worldwide.

The largest city in Alberta is Calgary, the capital of Edmonton. Covering 661,848 square kilometers, 3.7 million people live in the province.

The motto of the province is “Fortis et Liber” (strong and free).

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