The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)

Located between the provinces of Ontario and Saskatchewan, the province of Manitoba is in many respects a gateway to western Canada.

With a largely based economy of its natural resources and agriculture, this province is an important driver of Canada’s wealth. The population is about 1 million, mostly located in the capital city of Winnipeg. The people of Manitoba have a very close community, a relatively stable labor market, and a vast natural desert.

The MPNP allows potential immigrants with skills and experience targeted by the province to receive a Manitoba Designation Certificate, allowing the foreign national to apply for Canadian permanent residence, thereby benefiting from longer processing times than other Canadian immigration categories.

The MPNP consists of three categories:

  • The invitation from Manitoba;
  • The linkage component in Manitoba; and
  • The category of investors.

The invitation from Manitoba

Through this category, people are targeted by Manitoba immigration officials and then asked to apply for permanent residence.

The Investor Class

Those who wish to invest in Manitoba can do so through this component. This process works on the basis of an “expression of interest”, so potential applicants submit their intention to enroll in the program and the most qualified are invited to apply for immigration.

Minimum Requirements

  • finance of at least $450,000 ;
  • Have a minimum of three years experience as an owner or manager of a business or experience as a senior executive manager in the last five years;
    • Experience as a business owner: An applicant has been actively engaged to provide goods or services to clients and has borne the risk in return for the capital investment of the business.
    • Experience as a senior manager: The applicant has held a senior management position in a major company in which he or she was responsible for strategic policy development.
      • The position of the applicant must have involved significant responsibilities in decision-making in at least two of the following aspects of the business:
        • Distribution
        • Production / Operations / Project Management
        • Purchase
        • Sale
        • Marketing
        • Finance
        • Accounting
        • Human Resources / Personnel
        • Research and development
        • Computer Technology Management
        • Quality Control
      • Applicants must demonstrate that their level of income is comparable to the level of income in force for senior managers of another major company in the same country.
  • Make an eligible business investment in Manitoba;
  • Attend an interview with a PCM-A officer;
  • Demonstrate sufficient language skills by providing the results of a language proficiency test done in the last two years in an approved assessment agency:
    • English:
      • International English Language Test System (IELTS)
  • French:
    • French Assessment Test (EFT)

Refundable deposit

Once the applicant receives his / her appointment for MWP-A, he or she will be required to submit a bona fide deposit of $ 100,000 CDN. When the applicant has met the terms and conditions of the deposit arrangement, it will be repaid in full, without interest. If an applicant chooses to withdraw their application before arriving in Canada as a permanent resident, they will be reimbursed their deposit.


When not to apply

Candidates should not apply if they:

  • An unresolved asylum application in Canada;
  • Is in Canada illegally;
  • Is subject to a Canadian remedy;
  • Is prohibited from entering Canada;
  • A request to the previous PCM-A refused for misrepresentation or false documentation in the last 24 months.
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