Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Temporary Resident Visas Canada

1. What is the difference between a single-entry visa and a multiple-entry visa?

A single-entry visa is a visa which allows you to enter Canada once. When you want to reenter Canada you need a new visa. So this type of visa is called signal entry visa for Canada. The immigration officer makes sure that you full fill all the requirement to enter Canada.

A multiple- entry visa is that visa which allows you to enter anytime in the Canada during the validity of the visa. you can visit Canada at any time for any numbers of time in the period of this visa. This visa is for 10 years to the max and also for one month from this time you can enter Canada as many time as possible.

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2. How do I get help if my application has been refused?

If your application is refused you can apply again with some new information if your general situation has changed, if not the application can b again rejected. We suggest that you can hair a legal representative which would help with it.

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3. Do I need a temporary resident visa to visit Canada?

This visa type it depends upon the citizenship, you from which country you belong. to see the exact information Plz click here for better guidance.

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4. What is a business visitor?

A business visitor is a person who visits Canada to do meetings with business representatives for future business deals here is called business visitor. The business visitor does not enter the job market in Canada.

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Working in Canada Temporarily

1. How can I find a job in Canada?

If you are in Canada on a visit visa this is not an option for you now. We suggest that you can search for the job online here are some sites which are reliable.

Job Bank site– www.jobbank.gc.ca

Monster.ca site – www.monster.ca

Workopolis.com site  – www.workopolis.com

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2. How can I apply for a temporary work permit?

For the applicant who wishes to work in Canada must first have to get job offer letter from the Canadian employer. The employer has to put an application in human resource in Canada after approval, the applicant put visa application in visa office in their home country.

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3. Will I need a medical exam?

Yes, you have to give medical examination for this type of visa or for any type of visa. in many cases, your dependent also has to give the medical examination.

For medical examination for more detail click here

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Student Permits

1. Do I need a study permit to study in Canada?

If you want to study in a course which is less, then 6 months then you would need a temporary visa. If the course is more than 6 month you would need student permits which have its own requirements.

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2. How do I find out about schools and educational programs in Canada?

You can search online for schools and courses in Canada in which you can apply. You can also see the legal consultants of immigration they also have connections with the school from which you can apply.

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3. How much does it cost to study in Canada?

The cost of study in Canada may be different from institution to the institution a general idea is that it would cost 20000$ per year for study.

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4. Am I allowed to work while I study?

Yes, you are allowed to work only in school outside school does not allow any work.20 hours per week work is allowed in the school and in school holidays 40 hours per week is allowed.

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5. Can I work off-campus?

Off-campus work is allowed in some cases but you have to apply for it and it has some requirements to full fill. 20 hours of work per week is allowed only.

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6. Can I stay in Canada after completing my study program?

After the study, if you want to stay you have to put an application in the immigration office for a visa if you want to stay. without a visa, you can’t stay in Canada anymore.


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