Family Sponsorship

Family Sponsorship

If you are working in Canada and have citizenship of Canada and want your family or dependents to can to Canada to have citizenship here can apply through the family sponsorship program.


Eligibilities for Canada Family Sponsorship Program is as follow are those who can apply for this program. See below are you fall into any category.

  • Spouses, Partners, dependent children
  • grandparents, Parents, orphaned grandchildren, siblings, or nephews/nieces

There is also some other qualification which must be full fill by the sponsor and for the depended and family for applying.

As a sponsor, you must:

  • As a sponsor you must to be 18 years of age.
  • As a sponsor, you must be five years of citizenship of Canada before sponsor other.
  • The sponsor must meet financial minimum requirements before sponsoring but sponsoring a spouse and conjugal partner does not require this requirement.
  • You have to take full financial responsibility for the person which you are sponsoring.Canadian government makes sure that your family does not need any government assistance after immigration. If you are sponsoring your spouse, you must take care of financial responsibility for three years. For dependent children’s financial responsibilities for 10 years.

The family sponsorship program is often very confusing and complex program for the applicants. A lot of personal information of the applicants have been required by the federal government to prove that you’re your sponsoring application is real, not fake. On this site over the team will help you to gather all the required information which help you to build an application which brings your family with you quickly. There are many options for family sponsorship program but it all depends upon the relationship between family members. The requirement changes with the relationship of the family. Sponsoring a common family member is different from sponsoring your spouse and children’s.  the change of relationship the requirement also changes. On this site, you will find the all the up-to-date information regarding family sponsorship program in detail.

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