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About Express Entry

Starting January 1, 2015, a new adoption model named Express Entry System was introduced.

This system is to change to the policy that the immigration authority will advance the passive application processing method which the immigration office has started the examination in the order of receipt of the application until priority is given to the judgment of the person having the skill which succeeds in Canada It is.

Is it possible to receive an invitation in the Express Entry system?

Taking into account such data as the government approved immigration plan for the current year, the principle of calculating the ranking of candidates in the Express Entry system, the number of LMIA certificates issued each year, provincial nomination certificates and some others, it is safe to say that it is quite possible to receive an invitation to immigration. This is confirmed by the experience of other countries that use a similar system for the selection of candidates. The immigration plan for 2015 does not provide for a reduction in the influx of immigrants to Canada.

The target categories of Express Entry are:

Federal Skilled Worker (FSW)

Federal skills trade program (FSTP)

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

Some state nomination programs (PNP)

It will become the first step indispensable for the application of the above categories.

After the Express Entry System is introduced, the applicant first registers his/her skills and other biographies online.

From the registrants, the immigration bureau prioritizes and the immigration bureau receives a letter “ITA (Invitation to Apply)” You may apply for permanent residence ” from people with high rank. Without this ITA, you cannot apply for permanent residence.

All applications for permanent residence after ITA comes online will be applied online.

Express Entry application submitting steps

Step 1

Applicants who wish to apply for either FSW, FSTP, CEC, (or some PNP) will first register their profiles in the system. Profile

  • skill
  • Employment history
  • Language skill
  • Educational background
  • Presence of employment in Canada

It is included.

  • ” LMIA or PNP Certificate” in skill worker occupation is required to declare “There is an employer in Canada”.
  • If there is no ” LMIA or PNP Certificate “, you need to register with Job Bank and look for an employer.

Step 2

Following registration in the system, ITA will be issued in order from the registrants who are regularly scheduled to be called “drawing” and are judged to have a higher priority in the ranking system of the immigration bureau.

The ranking system is 1200 full marks.

Once the ITA is issued, you must submit application documents for permanent residence within 60 days thereafter.

If it has passed 60 days or more, you must redo from the profile register to the system.

Note: Registers to the Express Entry System do not guarantee issuance of ITA.

Your profile will be automatically deleted after 12 months of registering.

Express entry revision point

The Canadian government announced a new point of permanent residence application change in the Express Entry.
It will be applied from June 6, 2017. The changes are as follows.

Changes in point system

* In the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), the portion where the current first language (English / French) gives a maximum of 136 points and the second language (English / French) gives up to 24 points will continue to be inherited after June 6 Yes.

French level is high → additional points!

  1. Whether you have English ability or not, if you have Niveaux de compétence Linguistique canadiens (NLC) level 7 or higher in 4 language skills in French (Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking), give 15 additional points.
  2. If all levels of English skills are at CLB level 5 or higher and French language ability is NLC level 7 or higher, an additional point of 30 points is given.

Brothers and sisters are permanent residents of Canada → additional points!

* In the current Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), brothers and sisters did not have any additional points by Canadian permanent resident.

  • If brothers and sisters over the age of 18 are Canadian citizens or permanent residents and actually live in Canada, give 15 additional points. (# Proof of relatives is necessary.)

Changes in Express Entry Registration

In the current Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), applicants who do not have state nominations or effective job offers before registration of Express Entry had to register Job Bank accounts.

Job Bank registration is optional!

  • If an applicant without employment in Canada has cleared the minimum standard of Express Entry, it automatically shifts to Invitation To Apply candidate frame without registering to Job Bank. Job Bank can be used as a job search tool for both employers, but it is no longer an obligation.
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