Regina – the City of the Queen, capital of Saskatchewan

Regina is the second largest city of Saskatchewan and capital of the province. The city used to be called “Pile of Bones” because there were huge amounts of bison bones in and around Regina.

The city of Regina has 193,100 inhabitants, the metropolitan area 210,556.

Regina, with a northern latitude of 50 ° 26 ‘and a western longitude of 104 ° 37’, is closest to the geographic center of North America.

The economy of Regina is dominated by the extraction and processing of raw materials, it is extracted oil, natural gas, kaolinite, sodium sulfite, and bentonite. An important economic pillar of the city is agriculture and the service sector.

In the southeast of the city is the University of Regina. World famous is the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Academy. The city also houses the Western Headquarters of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Every summer the RCMP Musical Ride takes place here.

The motto of Regina is:  (Let Regina / the queen bloom)


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