Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is one of the three Atlantic provinces and also the smallest province in Canada. The province is named after Edward Augustus, Duke of Kent and Strat Hearn, the father of Queen Victoria.


Prince Edward Island, located in the Gulf of St. Lawrence west of Cape Breton Island, is also referred to as the “Garden of the Gulf”. Around one-third of Canada’s potato crops thrive in the fertile soils of the island. Around 1.3 million tons come from Prince Edward Island, which is why it is nicknamed “Potato Province”. Due to its location on the southern edge of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, PEI, as the province is also known, has moderate temperatures with mild summers and snowy winters.


Important economic factors besides agriculture are tourism and fishing. The island is known for its lobster, oysters and other mussels.


Capital is Charlottetown with about 35,000 inhabitants. The entire province has 140,204 (as of 2011) inhabitants and an area of 5660 square kilometers.


The motto of Prince Edward Island is (The Small Under the Protection of the Great).


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