Pacific Rim National Park

The Pacific Rim National Park on the west coast of Vancouver Island is one of the younger national parks in the Canadian province of British Columbia. The 511 square kilometer park was founded in 1970 and only appointed to the National Park in February 2001. The tripartite Pacific Rim National Park consists of Long Beach, Broken Island and the West Coast Trail. Due to the year-round mild climate and a large amount of precipitation, the park, which attracts almost one million visitors a year, has a rich flora and fauna. Due to the very special climate, a natural and dense rainforest has been created over the years, in particular, stand out huge up to 95 meters high Sitka spruce impressive.

Off the Pacific coast, gray whales can be seen on their train to their summer and winter quarters, especially in March and October. Numerous killer whales live in the many romantic bays. Most visitors to the Pacific Rim National Park are drawn to Long Beach – a kilometer-long sandy beach with a scenic hinterland.

Hiking in the Pacific Rim National Park

The Pacific Rim National Park is a real hikers’ paradise with its many hiking trails in Long Beach. The paths were unobtrusively integrated into the landscape to preserve the naturalness of the park. At the edge of the paths, visitors will find numerous explanations on the flora and fauna and exciting details about the region. One of Canada’s toughest and most legendary trails in the West Coast Trail in the south of the Pacific Rim National Park. The 77-kilometer route, open annually from May 1 through September 30, follows the course of the southwest coast of Vancouver Island. Built in 1907, the trail runs through the rainforest, past spectacular coastal areas and along impressive rocky and swampy regions. The level of difficulty of the West Coast Trail requires some experience of hikers. Even experienced hikers need a whole week for this route. In order to protect nature from the negative effects of the hikes, the number of hikers a day was limited to a total of 52. Due to the time-consuming care, the Pacific Rim National Park has become one of the largest employers in the region in recent years.

Also very popular is the Broken Group Islands region. This consists of several hundred small islands whose discovery can be made adventurous in a boat tour. The largest of these islands are Turtle, Gibraltar, and Nettle.

Did you know that …

  • the cool and humid maritime climate of the Pacific Rim National Park creates a wealth of life in the water and on land?
  • the “Long Beach Unit” between the towns of Ucluelet and Tofino is named after the 16km long sandy beach of “Wikaninnish Bay”?
  • Bird watching in the Pacific Rim National Park is a special experience throughout the year?
  • the Pacific Rim National Park preserves a wide variety of habitats? The park has wide sandy beaches, calm mudflats, small islands touched by waves, rocky shores, dense coniferous rainforest, mosses, meadows, rivers, and streams.
  • that 330 species of birds are registered in the park and it is known that 96 of these species are known to breed here?
  • in the “Long Beach Unit,” 22 km beach and 12 km hiking trail are available?
  • most of the surface of the “Long Beach Unit” is located on the open Pacific Ocean?
  • the variety of coasts and coves of the Broken Group Islands is a boater’s paradise?
  • Can you even camp on the Broken Group Islands? However, there is no potable water and everyone has to take their garbage back with them.
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