Halifax Citadel

Halifax Citadel

The Halifax Citadel – the untouched fortress

Since the founding of Halifax in 1749 until the 19th century, the city has been one of the four most important naval bases in the British kingdom. To defend Nova Scotia’s capital, Halifax, the British built a series of bases in and around Halifax. This system of defensive structures is today called the Halifax Defense Complex.


The current citadel, built in 1856, is the fourth version of a fort whose construction began in 1749. The Citadel is a perfect example of 19th-century military architecture. Although the citadel was never attacked, it was used by the Canadians as a military base during World War I and II.


Nowadays, the Halifax Citadel is run and maintained by the Canadian National Parks Association and is one of the most well known National Historic Sites in Canada. Many visitors can still watch military parades there today or take an interesting look at the history of Halifax, as the citadel has been restored several times in Victorian style. It offers guided tours, audio-video presentations and other sightseeing opportunities. For all visitors of Halifax an absolute must if you are interested in Canadian history.

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