Fort Erie

Fort Erie was the first British fort to be built as part of building a military network after the Seven Years War. The fort is located on the southern edge of the city of Erie, Ontario, directly across from the Niagara River and the American city of Buffalo.


The rebuilding of the fort began in 1937 and was intended to put the fort back in its original condition from 1812 to 1814 and reopened on 1 July 1939. During the reconstruction, a mass grave was uncovered with British and American soldiers lying under a monument built in 1904. The fort and the surrounding battlefields of that time are now under the administration of the Niagara Park Commission.


The road that leads through these fields to the fort continues to 56 km north on Lake Ontario. Sir Winston Churchill once said that this road is “the most beautiful Sunday driving road in the world”. Every year, the fort hosts parties and parades, frequented by many tourists and Canadians.

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