Dredge no. 4 – Dawson City

Dredge no. 4 - Dawson City

Gold prospecting made easy

Not long after gold was found in Klondike and the gold rush set in, dredgers were brought to the Yukon or later built there. One of the two dozen water dredgers working on the Klondike was Dredge No. 4. She is one of the biggest Yukon ever used.


Dredge no. 4 was built in the summer and winter of 1912 for the Canadian Klondike Mining Company and installed on claim 112 at Bonanza Creek. After several years of work, the dredger sank in 1924 and was raised in 1927 and reinstated. Their new operations at Hunker Creek were so rich in gold that the dredge was able to mine more than 800 ounces of gold in a single day. Dredge no. 4 was in use until 1940 and was then rebuilt at Bonanza Creek to be used again.


In the summers of 1991 and 1992, the dredge was dismantled and rebuilt at its current location to protect it from natural flooding. Since then, Dredge No. 4 a National Historic Site of Canada.

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