Montreal – Quebec’s French outpost with flair

With 1,649,519 inhabitants, Montreal is the second largest city in Canada and the largest in the province of Quebec.

The city is located on the Île de Montréal, which is surrounded by the St. Lawrence River and estuaries of the Ottawa River. The cityscape of Montreal is dominated by the 233-meter-high mountain, the Mont-Royal, from whose name derives the name of the city.

Montreal was for many years the economic and cultural center of young Canada but lost this position to Toronto.

Montreal, one of the largest French-speaking cities in the world, benefits economically from services, media, commerce, and design, but also from tourism and a strong industry in aerospace, pharmaceutical, and advanced technologies. With four universities and several colleges, the city is an important educational location. In addition, Montreal is the largest inland port on the American continent.

Numerous architectural highlights, sacred buildings, but also urban open spaces make Montreal a place of well-being for the residents, but also for visitors from all over the world.

 (well-being through harmony) is the motto of Montreal

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