Manitoba is one of the prairie provinces of Canada. A large part of the area of the province is occupied by lakes, such as Lake Winnipeg. Landscapes dominate the farmland in Manitoba. The very fertile soils allow intensive agriculture. Here grows the famous Manitoba durum wheat, as well as rape, flax, sunflowers, potatoes, barley and oats.

The fields and pastures are followed by brushwood with birch and other shrubs to the north, then Tundra extends to Hudson Bay.


On the Hudson Bay is the small but well-known village Churchill, which is also called the “capital of the polar bears”. Every year, many visitors come to this small community, which can only be reached by plane and train, to see the polar bears and go paddling with the belugas.


The capital and largest city in the province is Winnipeg. Manitoba covers an area of 647,797 square kilometers and has 1,318,128 inhabitants in 2016.


The motto of Manitoba is  (Glorious and Free).


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