Charlottetown, the birthplace of today’s Canada

Charlottetown (35,000 inhabitants) is the capital of the province of Prince Edward Island. The largest city in Canada’s smallest province is located in Queens County. Founded in 1764, Charlottetown was named after the then British Queen Sophie Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz.

Charlottetown is located at Charlottetown Harbor, a natural harbor formed by the confluence of the three rivers Hillsborough, Yorker, and Eliot. A two-kilometer-long and 500-meter-wide straight, Charlottetown Harbor is connected to Northumberland Road.

Charlottetown is a great historic site of Canada, here is the birthplace of today’s Canada. From 1 to 8 September 1864, the Charlottetown Conference took place to discuss the future Canadian Confederation. Charlottetown received city rights in 1885 after Prince Edward Island joined Canada on July 1, 1873, becoming provincial capital.

The most important economic factor on the island is the public administration and health facilities. Tourism is also an important economic factor due to its historical sites and beautiful landscapes.

The motto of Charlottetown is (Cradle of the Confederation)

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