Canada time – The time zones

Canada time – The time zones

A flight through the six time zones of Canada – Canada’s times

Canada is divided into a total of six time zones, Newfoundland Standard Time, Atlantic Standard Time, Eastern Standard Time, Central Standard Time, Mountain Standard Time and Pacific Standard Time. Few countries like the US, Russia, and Australia have more time zones. All provinces and territories, except Saskatchewan, make time changes in summer and winter time.

Newfoundland Standard Time

The Newfoundland Standard Time (Canada Time: UTC minus 3:30 hours, Daylight Saving Time UTC minus 2:30 hours) is the only time zone without a full hour amount for the Coordinated Universal Time (English Coordinated Universal Time, French Temps universal coordonné), UTC short. The time is in use in Newfoundland.

Atlantic Standard Time

Atlantic Standard Time (Canada time: UTC minus 4 hours, UTC minus 3 hours) is in use in Labrador (Newfoundland Standard Time), New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and parts of Quebec.

Eastern Standard Time

The Eastern Standard Time (Canada time: UTC minus 5 hours, UTC minus 4 hours) is in eastern Nunavut (Southampton Iceland whole), as well as much of the provinces of Quebec and Ontario in use.

Central Standard Time

The Central Standard Time (Canada time: UTC minus 6 hours, summertime UTC minus 5 hours) is in use in Manitoba, western Nunavut, western Ontario and Saskatchewan.

Mountain Standard Time

The Mountain Standard Time (Canada time: UTC minus 7 hours, UTC minus 6 hours) is in Alberta, British Columbia (East Kootenay and Peace River all over, Columbia Shuswap in parts), Northwest Territories, Nunavut to the very west, as well The municipality of Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, which takes over the time zones of Alberta in summer and winter time in use.

Pacific Standard Time

Pacific Standard Time (Canada time: UTC minus 8 hours, Daylight Saving Time UTC minus 7 hours) is in use in
British Columbia (except Mountain Standard Time areas) and the Yukon. The earlier Yukon Standard Time was abolished.

Changeover summer time/winter time

Except in Saskatchewan, in all provinces and territories (there are local exceptions) is switched between summer and winter time. The timing of the changeover is based on US data (second Sunday in March, first Sunday in November).

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