Top of the World Highway

Top of the World Highway Canada

The ” Top of the World ” Highway is 105 kilometers long and is located in the Yukon Territory near the border with Alaska. On this highway is a jointly built and used border station of Canada and the USA. The border along which the highway runs is called Little Gold Creek by the Canadians.


The highway was built in the mid-50s. Before the Klondike Highway was built, the “Top of the World” Highway was the only road to and from Dawson City. Due to the weather conditions, the highway is closed in winter. Travelers who want to visit Dawson or want to travel from there can take a ferry across the Yukon River.


The drive on the highway towards Alaska is an absolute recommendation when visiting Dawson City. The indescribably beautiful landscape and the barely used gravel road make this trip an unforgettable experience.

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