Stewart – Cassiar Highway

Stewart - Cassiar Highway

The Stewart – Cassiar Highway is the connecting highway between the Yellowhead Highway and the Alaska Highway. The actual name for the Cassiar Highway is “British Columbia Highway 37.” The oldest section of the Cassiar Highway, the “Telegraph Creek Road” was built in 1922. For many years, the highway was sparsely developed and used, because, until the 60s, the transport on the many rivers in British Columbia was the more profitable option.


Only at the end of the sixties did the construction of the highway begin, which was then completed in 1972 for the most part. The connection to the Yellowhead Highway followed only in 1986. On the way over the highway, one comes to many breathtaking landscapes and places over. The Rocky Mountains often provide a fascinating view out of the vehicle, as do the many forests and lakes.

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