Alaska Highway

Alaska Highway

The Alaska Highway was built to quickly transport supplies and material from the US through Canada to Alaska during the Second World War, as there was no road to Alaska and the US state had been vulnerable to Japanese attacks. With the approval of the Canadians so arose within a year 2400 kilometers of road across British Columbia and the Yukon Territory.


At first, the highway was only a moderately paved road, but it was gradually expanded to love tourism as well. Partially, however, are the routes, especially in the Canadian area quite adventurous to drive.


Scenic, the Alaska Highway offers amazing! Forests with fairytale lakes and rivers, mountains with steep and impressive cliffs. However, all drivers are encouraged to drive the car in perfect condition and replenish the water and food supplies at each gas station. Because it can happen that hundreds of kilometers no truck stop or gas station can be seen.

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