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If you are a businessman and want to invest in Canada this immigration program is for you. Business and investment program to Canada is for investors and businessman who have the financial resources to invest in Canada. For these people, there are many options available it’s your choice what you choose. The federal Canadian government has announced three business and investment immigration programs which bring businessman and investors to Canada. These program main aim is to make Canadian economy strong and healthy.

These programs are beneficial for both immigrants and Canada, the immigrants have a great opportunity is to invest in Canada and get finical growth from Canadian economy, Canadian economy also gets good growth because a lot of investments are coming in the country which boosts the economy. The immigrants come from all over the world to invest here and get permanent residences for them and for their family members. If you meet all the requirements which are a need for the program your application is processed very fast and this is the fastest way to immigrate to Canada.

those persons who do not fulfill the requirements of Quebec skilled worker program or Federal Skilled worker program can apply through this program to get immigration very fast. Doing a business or investing in Canada means for bright future because Canada economy is growing in fast pace and is good for your future. There is two type of business and vestment programs one is run by the federal government and other is run by individual provinces.


The Investor Immigration Program seeks to attract experienced business people. These people contribute to the country’s long-term growth and prosperity by investing in the Canadian economy. Investors should:

  • demonstrate experience in business;
  • Have a net worth of at least CAN $ 1,600,000 legally obtained;
  • invest $ 800,000 CDN.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) will distribute your investment among the provinces and territories participating in the Program. They will use it for projects to grow their economy and create jobs for five years.

Your investment is guaranteed. Citizenship and Immigration Canada will reimburse you for your investment, without interest, approximately five years and three months after the date of payment.

If your application is approved, you must make your investment before a permanent resident visa is issued to you. In most cases, you must do so within 30 days. The visa office will send you a letter with the steps to follow. Learn more about how to make your investment.

The business and investment programs attract people around the world because it is the easiest way to get permanent immigration in Canada very fast. There are three main programs of business and investments category which are as follow.
1. Entrepreneur Program
2. Immigrant Investor Program
3. Self-Employed Immigration Program

Program Requirements

For the applicant who wants to apply for this program has to meet all the requirement for this program. These requirements range from different factors which are age, experience, language, and education. This information is collected through the documents which you submit the application.

This is one of the most complex and difficult programs to move to Canada. We recommend that you should hire a legal consultant for immigration to Canada for this program. The application should be well prepared before applying in the program. If any mistake is found in your application will make your immigration dream not successful and loss of the non-refundable fee which you submitted.

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