Dreaming of Canada: (10 places to visit in Canada)

For years now, Canada has been synonymous with decent life, fairytale landscapes, civilization, order, ferment, progress. I have been dreaming about it for about 10 years and here I explain how this dream started.  Having set aside the unrealizable dream of being able to live in Canadian territory, I was left with the opportunity to visit this country one day. If I dream big I would visit far and wide.

There are many breathtaking beauties and, above all, what fascinates me is the population density: 3.3 inhabitants per sq. Km. If I tell you that in my area the population density is 2,000 inhabitants per sq. Km, I do not need to add anything else. Yes, I adore nature and yes, I cannot stand too much of neighbor. Of course, cities are cities everywhere, metropolises are metropolises everywhere, but conurbations cannot stand them and I live in the middle.

  • Banff national park

Located in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, it has an area of 6,641 sq. Km (I cannot even imagine so much space!). It is located in the province of Alberta and the images of the forests, of the lakes (lake, the most famous) and the mountains always take my breath away …

Banff national park

  • Québec City

It is the capital of the state/city to which it belongs and is the oldest city in North America. It fascinates me to discover the European (French) influences overseas, like the surrounding walls and the historical center. It was founded in 1600 and today has about 700 thousand inhabitants, including the hinterland. The upper town and the lower town are connected by narrow, steep streets, with the famous Chateau Frontenac standing out above all.

Quebec City


  • Nahanni National Park Reserve

This national park, part of Unesco, is located in the north-west of Canada, covering an area of 4,766 square kilometers, and inside there is the Virginia Falls, about 90 meters high! The park, with very rich flora and fauna of protected species, can only be reached by helicopters and seaplanes … and I do not say anything else.

Nahanni National Park Reserve

  • Niagara Falls

Not everyone knows that in Canada there is the city Niagara Falls, which obviously owes its name to the famous waterfalls, divided between Canadian and US territory. I do not know why, but I dream of these waterfalls periodically … I would like to see them far and wide!

Niagara Falls

  • Toronto

I do not know why, but I would choose this city for a possible transfer (always in the dream world, of course). It is southeast, it is the capital of Ontario and is very multicultural: it fascinates me incredibly. There is a very strong Italian community (even up to 500 thousand people, out of a total of 2 and a half million). It is divided into two parts: one on the surface and one underground, called The path, with 27 km of roads (to allow you to “live” away from home even in the colder months). Is not it brilliant?


  • The Bay of Fundy

It is located on the Atlantic coast (New Brunswick-Nova Scotia) and is famous all over the world for its impressive tides that reach up to 16-20 meters. The tides are visible every 24 hours. Legend has it that this tide is due to the tail of a whale that slams on the water. Once the whales (up to over 100 whales) used to gather here every year in the fall, but in recent years this phenomenon affects only a few specimens … the cause is climate change, it seems.

The Bay of Fundy

  • Newfoundland & Labrador (Terranova and Labrador region)

Also, this province is found on the Atlantic coast, to the extreme north-east, and it includes the Island of Terranova and the territory of the Labrador. It is thought that here the first European settlers arrived, but also geologically it has an incredible history because the rocks encompass numerous historical periods. Here the Avalon Peninsula extends, rich in natural parks and the most densely inhabited. Only for names, this region must be visited!

Newfoundland & Labrador

  • Vancouver and Victoria

We move to the west of Canada, in one of the most livable cities in the world (in fact, maybe I would come here!), Vancouver, in British Columbia. The climate is mild, thanks to the ocean, and is full of skyscrapers. The opposite is the immense island of the same name, which houses Victoria, the capital of the province, a destination for millions of tourists, and considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Vancouver and Victoria

  • Churchill

Located in the province of Manitoba, this village is located in Hudson Bay (north of the region) and is considered a small kingdom of polar bears, which, along with many other rare animals typical of cold regions (such as the white owl!), they can be seen when ice is formed on the bay. And here you can also see stunning northern lights. What prevents the development of unbridled tourism, fortunately, is the fact that the town can only be reached by train or plane.


  • Prince Edward Island

It is a province located north of Nova Scotia and is the smallest province in the state, with approximately 5,600 sq. Km of the surface. It is a small paradise, surrounded by nature, with 850 km of beaches and the Gulf Stream that allows you to exploit them during the summer, as well as encouraging the development of a rich and colorful vegetation. Cliffs, hills and small cartoon villages, this small island is yet another jewel of the Canadian territory.

Prince Edward Island





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