Alberta Provincial Nominee Program (Alberta PNP)

Alberta Provincial Nominee Program(AINP)

Every province has its own provincial nominee program. Alberta province in Canada has its own Nominee program for immigration which is known as Alberta Nominee Program (AINP) or Alberta PNP.  provincial nominee program Alberta is a very popular provincial program for immigration thousands of people each year applies for this program.

Alberta government has designed this program to attract immigrants from all over the world to immigrate to their province and contribute to the economic growth of their province and be a healthy part of the society. The Individuals who want to apply with their dependents for permanent residency has the very option under programs.

Important note:

Due to the current market situation in the Alberta Province, The PNP Alberta  program is not accepting applications under the family category and U.S.A Visa Holder Category. these categories are on hold until further notice.

Program Requirements:

The following requirements are must for this program describe in detail below.

Alberta Work Experience Category – NEW! Limited-Time Only

The applicants can apply without their employee. In this category, the applicant can apply who are eligible for this category without the employee. In this category, you must have two years of experience and 35 hours PR weak experience. you must apply to an occupation which is listed ineligible Occupation List.

 Strategic Recruitment Stream

 To see if you are fit for this strategic Recruitment Stream there are three categories listed below. Read below to see you can fit into this program or not.

  1. U.S.A Visa Holder Category

U.S.A Visa Holder Category in Alberta Provincial Nominee program is for those applicants which hold the USA work visa and want to work in Canada. The applicant would apply for in-demand occupation. IN-demand occupation list may change bye time to time. at this time this category is on hold, you can’t apply now but can in near future.

  1. Engineering Occupations Category

This category is for that applicant of Alberta Provincial Nominee program who wants the resident ship of Alberta, who have done their education in engineering, drafting or design. You are doing the job ineligible work occupation in a legal Alberta company.  One of the documents which you have to give is (letter of No Objection) of Association of Professional Engineers.

  1. Compulsory and Optional Trades Category

In this category of Alberta provincial nominee program for those Alberta residents who are working in Alberta in a certified trade or on the work visa. You are working for Alberta employer In eligible trade. the document’s which are required in this category are Alberta Qualification Certificate.

Alberta Provincial Nominee Program – Employer-Driven Stream

The Employer-Driven Stream has three categories, each one with its own requirement. The employer-driven stream must require job offer letter from Alberta Employer. Three of its categories are as follow.

Skilled Worker Category

This category for that skilled worker in Alberta Provincial Nominee program who have education in specialized skill and the applicant has to give a certificate of their training.

International Graduate Category

This category for those applicants which have done their education in Canadian institutes. The person must receive the gi job offer in special skill and give the educational credentials of their training. You must have the work permit at the time of when you are applying.

Semi-Skilled Worker Category

Semi-skilled worker category is for those people who are working in a specific industry which are Food Services, Trucking-Transportation, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Food, and Beverage. You must have a legal work permit at the time of applying. The applicant must have high school education and have to give language test.

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