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What is your option for Canadian Immigration?

The immigration program that is best for you depends on your purpose, your career and the current situation in which you are and your family which accompanies you.

The Canadian government both federal and provincial are extremely selective for new immigration. They make sure to upgrade immigration programs constantly because immigration should be beneficial for both parties Canada and for the person who is immigrating.

If you’re interested in immigration to Canada for the applying process, you must first identify the best program that suits you. The process of immigration took a lot of time depends upon the program in which you apply and country from which you belong. The time duration of the process is different with the program. On over website our team compile information regarding Canada immigration and have latest updates on the topic. This site great place to start searching and gathering information regarding Canada immigration.

What are my options for Canada Immigration?

There are a lot of option available for you to move to Canada as a foreign national, more than 65 programs available for you to move to Canada but the option depends on your education, career and a lot of other things. Every person has a unique condition so they have to adopt different option to immigrate to Canada. Below is the list, there is some option which you can use to get immigration to Canada. Click these links to specific option to learn more about the option.

Canada Immigration Requirements & Guidelines

Following are the essential requirements and guidelines which are very important for any immigration option which you choose. Click any these guidelines to learn more.

  • Basic Requirements
  • Medical Examinations
  • Criminality Check and Police Clearances
  • Government Application Fees
  • Interviews

Basic Requirements

The following list is basic requirements or general requirements which are essential to full fill for any type of Canadian immigration. Any candidate for immigration can b rejected on these grounds must have to full fill. These point or Basic requirements are written in the Immigration and Protection Regulations and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA). These basic requirements are as follow.

  • Non-compliance with the Act and/or Regulations
  • Financial reasons
  • Health grounds
  • Serious criminality
  • Criminality
  • Organized criminality
  • Misrepresentation
  • Security grounds
  • Violating human and/or international rights
  • Inadmissible family member(s)

Medical Examinations

Every candidate of Canada immigration must go for a medical check and also their dependent family member who is not permeant resident or citizen of Canada must also go for a medical check to apply for Canadian immigration. Medical check also required for those family members which are not applying for the immigration process.

The candidates for visit visa, work visa or study visa may not need a medical check to get visa of Australia. Following medical rules are applied to the candidates wither they are fit for immigration or not are as follow.

The candidate is rejected on the basis of health grounds if our health officer gives a report on the poor health of candidate. If the officer feels that the health condition is dangerous for the public of Canada the application would be rejected. And it may be the cause of excessive demand.

Criminality Check and Police Clearances

The police clearance certificate is must for every candidate which is applying for Canada immigration for every program in which you are Applying. Criminality check and police clearances certificate is a must for every candidate and it’s family members which are Applying for permanent status. The Canadian government required security clearance certificate for every candidate to ma sure the security of them on the public in Canada. Every candidate must prove that they have no criminal records in their home country and in Canada. If any candidate is convicted in any criminal case outside Canada or inside they are not eligible for Canadian immigration process.

Click the link to learn more about how to get police clearance certificate from your home country. CLICK HERE

Government Application Fees

Application Fees are paid when you file an application for visa immigration of Canada at any time. The fee structure of immigration visa is as follow.

For business immigration each applicant would pay $1050.00 and applicant family member over 22-year age would pay $550. This amount is non-refundable. Every person of over age-22 will pay $550 which is nonrefundable on the refusal of the application. In all application, $150 per child should pay up to the age of 19 years. The success full applicant will pay additional $490 per person older than 22 years of age, the (Right of Permanent Resident Fee).


For temporary visa, after submitting the documents the candidate should appear before an immigration officer for immigration temporary visa interview. The candidate for permanent resident status for Canada gives an interview at Canadian Embassy, visa post, consulate, High Commission. In most cases, the interview is done in visa post where you have submitted the documents.

Immigration interview is very important for your immigration to Canada if you succeed in the interview you will get the visa. If your documents and visa application are well prepared, then the interview is waived.

Which Canadian immigration program is best for you?

Here are some general condition questions for you to immigrate to Canada with their immigration solution to these questions. Click below to learn more.


Q: I have a post-secondary education what is my option?

Education has a great very important for Canadian immigration. Canadian government pays more value for education in every program of immigration. There is a point value of your education in most of the immigration program. Check your free assessment that education gives how much points in your immigration programs.

Q: I have at least one year of skilled worker experience what is my option?

The applicants with one year of work experience in their respected field have very bright chance to get Canadian immigration. Canadian government gives a lot of importance to work experience in a respected field because this experience gives an edge to the applicant that he would become a helpful part of the Canadian community and economy of the country.
There are many immigration programs which calculate your work experience in points value. There are different programs which value your work experiences some of them are as follow which are Provincial Nominee programs and Skilled Worker. These programs have a great value of your work experience so there is a great chance that your application is accepted. We advise you to do free assessments to know your illegibility.

Q: I have Canadain job offer what is my option?

If you have Canadian job offer and meets all condition and rules of Canadian visa policies, you have a lot of good chance to get the visa. the job offer has also point base value you can check free assessments here.

Q: I have friend or Relative in Canada what is my option?

Under family class program you can get Canadian permanent residence if you have any close relative living in Canada. With Provincial Nominee Program your friend which is already living in Canada can help you with and can get permanent residence there. Provincial Nominee Program value your relation in the province through awards points which is a great help to get immigration.

Q: I have already worked and studied in Canada what is my option?

There are very great opportunities for those who study and work in Canada for permanent residence. If you have worked in Canada, Canadian Experience Class and Quebec Experience immigration programs are great for them which offer Canadian permanent immigration. These programs are also cover for those peoples who are studying in Canada.

Q: I have high financial resources what is my option?

If you have enough of assets and cash to invest in Canada, you can get permanent immigration very easily there are a lot of programs for that. The government of Canada and Provincial governments make these programs for an increase of investments and development in the country. If you are experienced business owner and have a lot of cash, you can easily get permanent resident immigration of Canada. Many provinces of Canada also have these type of programs you can also apply in these programs of immigration.

Q: I have a business which I manage what is my option?

The Business Investor, Entrepreneur Programs and Provincial Nominee Programs are great programs for those people who own a business and have ownership experience can get permanent immigration status in Canada.


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